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Flying Tortuga Brothers Episode 4 - The Clyde Butcher Interview Part 1

June 6, 2019

This week the Tortuga Brothers (carl and Shannon) took a road trip across Florida to visit and chat with legendary landscape photographer Clyde Butcher.  Clyde was so generous with hi time and his wisdom that the interview was over an hour long.  We decided to split the interview up into two episodes.  This is part one and part two will be published on Thursday 6/13.  It was a distinct honor to be able to interview Clyde whose landscape photography and stewardship of the Everglades makes him tops in our book!  In fact when we decided to start interviewing artists associated with the National Parks we never imagined we would get Clyde as our inaugural interview!  He set the bar very high on how we want our other interviews to go.

Thanks for listening!

The Flying Tortuga Brothers

Carl and Shannon

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